About the Life of Masking Tape for General Purpose


About the life of masking paper for general purpose, due to the different characteristics of masking paper (temperature, viscosity, peeling force, material, etc.), the applications are also different. The guaranteed life of masking paper for general purpose produced by Pearl Packing Co.,Ltd is usually one year. How can we make the service life of masking paper longer? There are several ways:


1、 The surface of the adherend shall be dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and effect of the tape;


2、 Masking paper for general purpose does not have the function of anti UV, try to avoid the sun exposure, otherwise, it may residual glue;


3、 different environments and different glues, the same tape will show different results; for example, glass, metal, plastic, etc., they must be tried before use;


4、 Store in a cool and dry place, the tape life will be longer.